Reading, Writing, etc.

Reading Article "Taking off the F's"

06/01/2011 08:44

Homework for Thurs. Jan 6

Read the article again and make a written response for questions 2-7

Find the definitions for the new vocabularyvocab-taking off Fs.docx (76,9 kB)


In Class on Thursday

You will be "voting" on the grading policy change and discussing your views with a partner, then comparing your views to those of peopple who wrote in to the newspaper (group handout) and responding individually to one of the write-ins.

Homework for Monday, Jan 10

Read the follow-up article, "West Potomac High Reverses Grading Policies" 

In writing (and in your own words!):

  • Summarize the reasons why the grade policy was reversed
  • Summarize the reactions people had to the new announcement

Look at the discussion questions from the original article and prepare some questions based on both articles and the opinions to prepare yourself for the fishbowl discussion activity we will have on Monday Jan. 10

In class on Monday

We will have a graded fishbowl discussion

For Tuesday, Jan 11

Quiz over the article including:

  • Vocabulary from the article
  • written responses to questions concerning your position on the issue

Vocabulary Quiz on the