Reading, Writing, etc.

Assignments for Oct. 26-31

26/10/2011 11:21

I.  Reading and Writing Assignment: Virtual School

  • Read the attached article, "Virtual High School: Does it Make the Grade?"
  • Make a diagram of the main ideas in the article and the support for those ideas.
  • Page 2 of the article has a practice in identify fact and opion (blue column down the right side of the page). Answer those Questions
  • The last page of the article has a column titled "20-Minute Essay." You are to write this essay. In the essay you agree or disagree with the statement and support your ideas with evidence and examples.  This is a full essay of multiple paragraphs!  You make send me your essay by e-mail  or print it out to turn on on November 2

debate-virtual schools.pdf (113,4 kB)


II  Reading Assignment: Taking off the F's

Should schools give F grades to students?  Should students be allowed to keep retaking tests and re-doing work until they get it right?