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02/09/2011 14:18

summary of article

For Monday, complete step 2 of the summary steps. We will begin writing the essay in class  summary-paraphrase example.pdf (3,2 MB)


26/08/2011 14:24

Homework for Monday

Find an article on a topic of interest and bring it to class.  It can be from a newspaper, or magazine, and can be a print source of from an oline source.  We're looking for articles that explore a subject.


26/08/2011 09:58

Reminder- revised Essay Due wed. 8/31

Remember that your revised final essay is due on Wednesday, August 31.  Some of you were late submitting 1st drafts.  Please be warned that I will take off points from your participation if you are late turning in the final copy.   Essays can be submitted to me...


26/08/2011 09:53

Parts of speech handout

Words are the tools you need for all types of communication.  You need to use these tools correctly to be clear in your communication. The purpose of the exercise on the handout is to check your bility to use words flexibly in their correct parts of speech.  The completed exercise...