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13/09/2010 23:05

Mon. Sept 13 Assignment

Read the article, "A Best Friend?  You Must Be Kidding" 1.  Look up the vocabulary words in #1.  Add any other new words you find in the passage. 2.  There are 8 discussion questions on the article.  Select any 5 and answer them in brief paragraphs.   You will be using...


31/03/2010 10:31

Frankenstein Modernization

Make sure you organize your production plan in sections or with headings. Work should be typed. NOTE:  If you have  not already made some progress on the assignment with a partner, then you should do this as an individula assignment.


25/03/2010 15:17

Frankenstein Assignment

Write the production plans for a modernized version of mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  The attached file gives the deatils of points you need to consider and decisions you need to make concerning your modernization of the story.  Work is due on Thursday, March 31.