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26/10/2011 11:21

Assignments for Oct. 26-31

I.  Reading and Writing Assignment: Virtual School Read the attached article, "Virtual High School: Does it Make the Grade?" Make a diagram of the main ideas in the article and the support for those ideas. Page 2 of the article has a practice in identify fact and opion (blue...


26/09/2011 12:21

Summary essay 2 due dates



19/09/2011 13:11

Summary Essay 2

I realize now that I did write "draft" on the previous assignment description.  We will do a 2nd article summary in addition to the practise summary of the article on homework which we are working on right now.  The 2nd Individual Summary essay grade will replace the grade for the one...


08/09/2011 16:10

Draft Summary Essays

The draft of your summary essay should be resdy to hand in by Friday 9/9 Remember to cite the source of the article itself as well as use reference to cite the author within the text.