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08/08/2011 15:10

Rocking Horse Winner Song

Now that you've read the story, you might enjoy this rap version of it!


25/02/2011 16:01

The Schedule of Work for Problem-Solution Speeches

Draft of essay due Monday, Feb. 28  (drafts will be returned for corretion on Thurs. March 3--IF you submit on time!) Final Essay due Thursday March 10   Note Cards for speech must be brought to class on Monday, March 7   Speeches will be on Tuesday, March 8 and Thursday, March...


21/02/2011 21:25

Problem-Solution Speech

For Tuesday, Feb 22, don't forget to bring your topic idea, draft thesis, and websoite info/printouts from your research.  Also your laptop so you can have classtime to work on writing the speech! Here's a copy of the guideline, just in case you've misplaced yours: Problem-solution pattern.doc...


07/02/2011 11:17

Order of speakers for 2-minute sheech

Tuesday, Feb 8 1.  Sarah 2. Kelly 3. Koorosh 4.  Amm 5.  Foam 6.  Haley 7.  Pimda   Thursday Feb 10 8.  Boss 9.  Kaye 10.  David 11.  May 12.  Victor 13.  Alan 14.  Tun 15.  Best 16.  Sar   NOTE:  If David is still...