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26/08/2011 09:50

8-Yr-Old Artist Assignments

Wednesday, August 23 you were to have had a group discussion in class concerning how ethical it is for parents to exploit a child prodigy.  In order to do that you had to determine whaat conctitutes exploitation.  The for-agsainst and opinion charts were to have been turned in on that...


17/08/2011 08:35

This I Believe Personal Essay

Pre-Writing: Colored question slips (journal) Quote response  (handout)  Do in blue notebook for Friday 8/19 For-Against response (handout)  in class on Friday   Reading of Samples: 8/17  Listen to 3 sample essays (in class: Wed. 8/17) Homework for 9/19 Read...


08/08/2011 22:55

Homework for Tuesday, August 9

Go to the page for Discussion Forums.  Submit your comments on the topic of Vocabulary


08/08/2011 22:52

Assignment for Monday, August 8

Read "Rockinghorse Winner" to the point you can answer the question "How does Paul find luck?" Vocabulary items 1-6 on the Vocabulary page are the ones that apply to this story.  We will check your understanding of these words on Monday!