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13/10/2010 20:21

Halloween Stories

Remember that the Halloween stories are due on Monday, October 25!  Try to get someone to look at your grammar for you before you turn it in; we will not have time to be passing the story back and forth for editing. An excellent website to use to help you edit your paper is...


28/09/2010 00:41

Eileen Nearne's Obituary

There is a hangman game up on the Quia site with the vocabulary from this news article


16/09/2010 11:41

Homework for Monday 9/20

Write a one paragraph summary of the article "Best Friends?  You Must Be Kidding" Use the guidelines distributed in class and the example in your Write Source book, pg 545, to help you. Turn it in on A4 paper, not in your notebook!


16/09/2010 09:03

TEST Tues. Sept. 21

We will have a test on Tuesday, Sept. 21. The test will include: Vocabulary words 7-20 A reading passage with multiple choice and long answer questions   There is a flashcard activity on Quia for the vocabulary that will be on the test.


14/09/2010 15:50

Assignment for Thurs. Sept 16 & handout

Complete the handout (side 1) on Subject-Verb Agreement.  If you were absent, or if you lost your sheet, download a copy here:  S-V pre-test.docx (856 kB) If you did not yet respond to the questions on the article, "Best Friend? You Must be Kidding", do so now so that you will be prepared...


13/09/2010 23:05

Mon. Sept 13 Assignment

Read the article, "A Best Friend?  You Must Be Kidding" 1.  Look up the vocabulary words in #1.  Add any other new words you find in the passage. 2.  There are 8 discussion questions on the article.  Select any 5 and answer them in brief paragraphs.   You will be using...


06/09/2010 18:33

Guide to Grammar and Writing   Interactive pages-- has explanations, exercises and "quiz yourself" sections


06/09/2010 18:28 Grammar explanations and exercises


31/08/2010 10:09

Quizlet Flashcards



31/08/2010 10:08

Quia Activity & Quiz Page