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19/01/2011 08:07

Infinitive Phrases

Here are some resources for learning more about and practicing the use of infinitive phrases (along with gerunds and participial phrases) 1) Perdue Online Writing Lab -  Excellent information resource.  The examples and explanations here are clear. (no exercise)...


06/01/2011 08:44

Reading Article "Taking off the F's"

Homework for Thurs. Jan 6 Read the article again and make a written response for questions 2-7 Find the definitions for the new vocabularyvocab-taking off Fs.docx (76,9 kB)   In Class on Thursday You will be "voting" on the grading policy change and discussing your views with a partner, then...


02/12/2010 12:03

Sentence combining and Old Man and Sea

For Tuesday, Dec 7: 1) complete the sentence combining sheet (individually!)  Informaion on the methods to combine sentnces is located under Grammar Help in the left-hand menu   2) complete the handout on The comparison of the sharks and relationship between the boy and the old man


02/12/2010 11:05

Combining Sentences

Here is the information from the board on combining sentences:   sentence combining screen-shots.doc (194 kB)  


30/11/2010 00:47

Old Man & the Sea Vocabulary Practice

Flashcards and quizlet game have been made for the part 2 vocabulary Quizlet Flashcards


18/11/2010 10:50

Old Man and Sea part 2

start from pg 47 to around page 80 = day 3 Complete reading this section and answering the guide questions by Tuesday Nov.23  Definitions for vocabulary part 2 :  Old Man and Sea Vocab focus for part 2.docx (23,5 kB) Vocab short list plummet to make fast ineffectual ...


16/11/2010 10:02

Adjective & Adverb Phrases

Adjective Phrases are prepositional or participial phrases used as adjectives in a sentence.  We are focussing on prepositional phrases right now.  A prepositional phrases consists of the preposition plus its object.   Adverb phrases are prepositional phrases that modify the...


15/11/2010 10:10

Test on Old Man and the Sea

There will be a test on Days 1-2 (pg 9-52) on Tuesday, Nov. 16.  The test will include vocabulary. Vocab short-list mast stern cast bait tackle patch benevolent resolution inferior furled gaunt humility disgraceful subdue attain


08/11/2010 10:11

Old Man and the Sea

We are currently reeading The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway.  This is a short novel amd while it does not have chapter divisions, we can divide the book up into sections based on the days (the story covers a period of 5 days). Day 1  pg 9-25 Day 2 pg 25-52 Day 3 pg 53-85 Day 4 pg...


01/11/2010 10:28

Descriptive Essay

The draft of your object description essay is due Thursday, Nov 3.