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26/08/2011 09:58

Reminder- revised Essay Due wed. 8/31

Remember that your revised final essay is due on Wednesday, August 31.  Some of you were late submitting 1st drafts.  Please be warned that I will take off points from your participation if you are late turning in the final copy.   Essays can be submitted to me...


26/08/2011 09:53

Parts of speech handout

Words are the tools you need for all types of communication.  You need to use these tools correctly to be clear in your communication. The purpose of the exercise on the handout is to check your bility to use words flexibly in their correct parts of speech.  The completed exercise...


26/08/2011 09:50

8-Yr-Old Artist Assignments

Wednesday, August 23 you were to have had a group discussion in class concerning how ethical it is for parents to exploit a child prodigy.  In order to do that you had to determine whaat conctitutes exploitation.  The for-agsainst and opinion charts were to have been turned in on that...


17/08/2011 08:35

This I Believe Personal Essay

Pre-Writing: Colored question slips (journal) Quote response  (handout)  Do in blue notebook for Friday 8/19 For-Against response (handout)  in class on Friday   Reading of Samples: 8/17  Listen to 3 sample essays (in class: Wed. 8/17) Homework for 9/19 Read...


08/08/2011 22:55

Homework for Tuesday, August 9

Go to the page for Discussion Forums.  Submit your comments on the topic of Vocabulary


08/08/2011 22:52

Assignment for Monday, August 8

Read "Rockinghorse Winner" to the point you can answer the question "How does Paul find luck?" Vocabulary items 1-6 on the Vocabulary page are the ones that apply to this story.  We will check your understanding of these words on Monday!


08/08/2011 22:10

Assignment for Monday, August 8

Read "Rockinghorse Winner" to the point you can answer the question "How does Paul find luck?"


08/08/2011 15:10

Rocking Horse Winner Song

Now that you've read the story, you might enjoy this rap version of it!


05/08/2011 13:20

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Academic Year!

This is the framework for our class website.   Check back frequently to view assignments and other information about your class.   You may seem some items refering to last year's class and assignments.  The ones you need to pay attention to are the ones that will show at the top...


25/02/2011 16:01

The Schedule of Work for Problem-Solution Speeches

Draft of essay due Monday, Feb. 28  (drafts will be returned for corretion on Thurs. March 3--IF you submit on time!) Final Essay due Thursday March 10   Note Cards for speech must be brought to class on Monday, March 7   Speeches will be on Tuesday, March 8 and Thursday, March...